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Pushing to #BeatAirPollution on World Environment Day


Pushing to #BeatAirPollution on World Environment Day

Conceptualizing and designing a World Environment Day 2019 ‘Beat the Pollution’ campaign to spur action from individuals, policy-makers and development professionals to tackle the issue of air pollution in DRC.

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CLIENT UNV Democratic Republic of Congo and MONUSCO

Design a campaign as a call to action to combat one of the most significant environmental challenges of our time – air pollution

Designed campaign which invites us all to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the amount of air pollution we produce and thwart its contribution to global warming and its effects on our health  

Celebrated every year on June 5, World Environment Day is the United Nations’ most prominent annual event for positive environmental action to encourage global awareness of the need to protect our planet.  

The theme of World Environment Day 2019 is #BeatAirPollution, calling on governments, industry, communities and individuals to take action to explore renewable energy and green technologies and improve the air quality in cities and regions across the world.

The good news is that air pollution is preventable. The solutions - laws, standards, policies, programmes, investments and technologies - are widely known and can be implemented. Clean air is a human right and everyone’s responsibility.

At the Future by Design, we were proud to support UNV Democratic Republic of Congo and MONUSCO to develop a campaign aiming to raise awareness about the problem of air pollution and promoting ways to tackle the issue through planting trees, cleaning up garbage and commuting without polluting. This campaign recognizes the importance of the community and its role as a changemaker for a more sustainable and cleaner future.