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Future by Design studio specializes in providing creative services to the international and intergovernmental organizations, including NGOs, public authorities and companies, who work in the area of innovation and sustainable development.


Advisory Services

Are you experiencing challenges with the development of clear policies, strategies and products that are forward-thinking with ambitious attention to detail, a high design aesthetic and awareness of current audiences and where they are? Our international team of experts will work closely with you to find the best solutions tailored to your needs. Tailored-made advisory services will provide you with products and in-depth expert recommendations that will set a strong foundation for further strengthening and growth of your portfolio at national, regional or global levels.

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Concept Design & Visual Identity

Working on complex issues, with a global network of partners and collaborators, it can sometimes be difficult for your key audience to ‘filter’ what are your key achievements. Our team of experts will ensure that your work is conceptualized and visually represented in a fresh and memorable manner.

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Graphic Design & Layout

Undertaking impressive work is hard but presenting if for visual communication purposes is even harder. Whether you need to produce a brochure, guidance notes, newsletter or a report, we are here to help you translate that work into well-defined formats that appeal to your target audiences.

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Infographics & Illustrations

Complex issues are difficult to interpret in a simple manner. As Albert Einstein once famously said: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Our creative team will ensure to visualize this complex information and present your data and achievements in an innovative and clear manner.

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Event Material

Event management often requires engagement with various stakeholder groups. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your event is well communicated across a range of different materials and mediums. As a trusted partner, we can provide you with graphic materials for a spectrum of events, ranging from trainings and workshops, to international conferences.

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Animated Videos & GIFs

Short animated videos and GIFs can be the best solution to explain a complex subject in a short amount of time and gather more attraction on social media. If you think you have an important message to share and that the world needs to know about it, let us work with you to produce an engaging and clear video.