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Enhancing Youth Movement for Positive Social Change


Enhancing Youth Movement for Positive Social Change


Conceptualizing and redesigning U-Report Serbia platform to step up youth community participation.



Develop an original, powerful and vibrant U-Report visual identity for the youth in Serbia, which will significantly increase youth engagement on the platform

Redesigned visual identity of the U-Report Serbia platform that promotes the national context of Serbia while maintaining consistency with the global brand

U-Report is a youth reporting social platform created by UNICEF and now present in more than 50 countries. It represents the voices of young people and promotes their participation in creating a positive social change. Being in the development phase in Serbia, U-Report enables a quick comparative analysis to identify the challenges faced by young people. Issues to be polled include health, education, gender, inequality and other topics youth aspires to discuss.

In April 2019, UNICEF Serbia in collaboration with Future by Design rebranded the U-Report Serbia identity, which included a country-specific visual identity while maintaining the brand consistency as a global platform. By aligning the new visual identity with the communications strategy for this project, U-Report Serbia outreach to youth will be recognized as relevant, powerful and vibrant.

At the Future by Design, we were proud to support the UNICEF Serbia and redesign the visual identity of the national U-Report platform, which aims to offer a free and accessible platform to speak out on development issues, support child rights and improve the communities. Through the new, vibrant identity, U-Report Serbia is expected to significantly increase its outreach to youth, who by becoming U-Reporters can join an international movement for positive social change.

For more information about U-Report Serbia see: https://www.unicef.org/innovation/U-Report