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Dreamers’ Lab: Empowering Vibrant and Innovative Local Communities


Dreamers’ Lab: Empowering Vibrant and Innovative Local Communities


Designing an infographic to enhance public outreach campaign to inform Baku residents about the work of the youth-led social initiatives.

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CLIENT Eurasia Partnership Foundation Azerbaijan

Design a playful, animated infographic for the Dreamers’ Lab to present the key results from the first innovation phase

Designed infographic and GIF which increased awareness and understanding of youth engagement in Azerbaijan and provided incentives to personally engage

The Dreamers’ Lab reaches beyond the young people who are already active citizens. It aspires to capture and “activate” the youth who have the drive for social change but are yet to develop their ideas into full-fledged action plans. The direct beneficiaries are 50 young (18-30 years old) residents of Baku neighbourhoods selected on the basis of essays describing their idea for solving a public challenge of their choosing. The number of indirect beneficiaries was significant, reaching at least 5,000 residents of Baku through small projects planned and implemented by the Dreamers’ Lab participants. 

At the Future by Design, we were proud to support Eurasia Partnership Foundation Azerbaijan and design a playful and animated infographic. Through this engaging material, developed for both print and social media distribution, we achieved the main goal of raising awareness among youth in Baku on what are the main goals of the Dreamers’ Lab and how they can also engage.

Future by Design team has a unique ability to exceed the expectations as they have immediately understood what we had imagined and translated that into the appealing visualization.  Generally, our team is cautious about outsourcing tasks on the graphic design since we are afraid that our message might be distorted.  However, Future by Design team has captured required info from the first shot. Also, they were clear and consistent in their communication, which makes it easy to work with them. We cannot recommend Future by Design highly enough.

- Eurasia Partnership Foundation Azerbaijan