Future By Design
Redesigning tomorrow.



Future by Design comes from a generation inspired to make a difference in the world. We design inspirational stories on people and organizations who uncover sustainable solutions to pressing global problems. Our objective is to show complex information in a simple and communicable manner, so everybody can join the conversation for a more sustainable future.

Future by Design is a multi-disciplinary studio specialized in sustainable development and visual communication.

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We understand the pressing global issues.

Our team is proud to bring together experts in sustainable development and visual communication. This enables us to design the most inspirational stories due to true understanding on what it actually takes to make this happen.


Social responsibility is the core of our business.

Everything we deliver is in compliance with United Nations Global Principles of Social and Environmental Sustainability, but we go beyond that. Every year we reach out to eminent social and environmental innovators and deliver pro-bono services helping them raise visibility and funding for their critically needed work.


Women empowerment is how we deliver better.

We understand that achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 requires rapidly moving towards gender equality, but many businesses lag behind. That is why we strongly promote women empowerment in our studio and women′s talents, skills, experience and energies are the key driving force behind our work.

Future by Design studio specializes in providing creative services to the international and intergovernmental organizations, including civil society organizations, public authorities and companies, who work in the area of innovation and sustainable development.

The studio is committed to redesigning tomorrow so that we can build together a world where everybody can thrive. To reach our goals, we work with brilliant and creative people committed to demonstrating that a sustainable future is not only possible but necessary.

If you are interested to see some of our latest work with innovators and organizations who create a better and more sustainable future, please click below.